Dad’s Home!!!

Yipee!!!! Dads home after his week away with Amy, Mum says she’s spoilt rotten getting a week away in the sun for her !8th. Wouldn’t be for me anyway, I prefer been at home playing with my mates that keep staying when their parents go on holiday. Mum says it’s getting crazy with all the bookings and she’s had to … Read More

Where is my Dad? Woof Woof

This has been a really long week and i am confused…. First of all the garden has changed, the pond and ducks have gone and there is so much grass but yet Lisa won’t let me play on the grass and she keeps making me stay in the house while she has fun playing with the water, spraying it everywhere … Read More

Ducks….. Why the tears…..

This has been a fantastic week or at least it has for me!!!!! Lisa finally made the decision that the Ducks and Chickens were going to go to a new home so that i can have a really big garden!!!!! Woof Woof

Puppy’s are poo-ing machines!

It’s been a busy week here again! We been looking 2 dogs for a few days while i think the owners get married. One was a 16 week old puppy and the other a cross breed. The puppy was a bit annoying as he kept licking everyone all the time (even Hugo the cat!!!). Ali loved them both but I … Read More

What do you mean I’m Fat!!!!!

What a week!!!! Apparently i am getting fat or at least thats what I heard Al and Lisa saying…. then Lisa went shopping to buy my food and it has now changed to diet food… then to make it even worse Al has taken over giving me my breakfast and dinner everyday because Lisa is a “feeder” and was giving … Read More

Advice of the week….. Don’t eat Dead Rabbits!!!!!

Hi Guys and Girls (and animals) Sorry its been a while since my last post but i’ve either been too tired or too busy! Its been mental here at paws and claws, I’ve been on some right adventures! Al took me up to Bolton Abbey last week. For some reason he didn’t seem to think me rolling in a dead … Read More

Lisa does it again!

Well its been a frustrating week here at Paws and Claws. Ali and Lisa have had another busy week with lots on dog boarding enquiries. I think they’ve been disappointed they haven’t been to help but even i think the house would be too busy over night with me, the cat, the ducks and the chickens! They said they’ve been … Read More

Pit falls of dog poo

Well its Flo here again, think I’m started to get the hang of this blogging now and typing is even getting easier! Its been a pretty funny week here at Paws & Claws. Ali and Lisa are starting to get quite busy with lots of enquiries and bookings. I’m meeting a 16 week old lab pup soon which i’m really … Read More

1st Paws and Claws Blog – Author – Flo the Chocolate Lab

Well it’s been 4 weeks since my owners Ali and Lisa set up their new dog walking and pet services business which has also meant 4 weeks of them arguing about who is going to write the blog. Neither of them are very up to date with technology so I have decided to take matters into my own paws and … Read More