Dad’s Home!!!


Dads home after his week away with Amy, Mum says she’s spoilt rotten getting a week away in the sun for her !8th. Wouldn’t be for me anyway, I prefer been at home playing with my mates that keep staying when their parents go on holiday. Mum says it’s getting crazy with all the bookings and she’s had to disappoint a few people as they limit the number of dogs staying at our house.
There’s a Spaniel staying at the moment, he’s great fun but keeps trying to get me to give him a piggy back, he keeps been told off but it doesn’t really bother me.

I’ve been on lots of walks with different dogs and owners recently, just to make sure we all get on before they come and stay. We went for a walk with another Lab the other day, he was 10 years old but boy could he can run! I really struggled to keep up at 1st but he couldn’t keep up when we went swimming. I must admit he goes to the toilet in the strangest of places but Mum says i’m not allowed to fully explain for legal reasons but boy it was funny!
We’ve also been getting enquiries on our pet services such as rabbits coming to stay. I was looking forward to it until I was told I wasn’t allowed to play with them, some times they are spoil sports!
Anyway thats me for this week – will update you again next week



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