Where is my Dad? Woof Woof

This has been a really long week and i am confused…. First of all the garden has changed, the pond and ducks have gone and there is so much grass but yet Lisa won’t let me play on the grass and she keeps making me stay in the house while she has fun playing with the water, spraying it everywhere but I’m not aloud to play!!!! I keep barking at the back door and she is just telling me to be quiet… Why is she being so mean….

I miss my Dad, he would let me play with the water… Where is he? I keep hearing his voice but when i go to the window he isn’t here? Lisa keeps telling me to look at Dad and i can hear him but where?

Even though its just been me and Lisa we have had loads of fun, this was me when i was tired last night…. I think i was dreaming about my Dad…

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