Puppy’s are poo-ing machines!

It’s been a busy week here again! We been looking 2 dogs for a few days while i think the owners get married. One was a 16 week old puppy and the other a cross breed. The puppy was a bit annoying as he kept licking everyone all the time (even Hugo the cat!!!). Ali loved them both but I think even he got a shock when the puppy had gone to the loo on the living room floor and he accidentally stood in it, it was squelshing between his toes and phew, what a stink!
We had a very lively spaniel who came to see us this week, he was very nosey when he came for a dog walk with us to the park, I suppose it was new to him, he’ll soon get used to it.
I think Ali and Lisa have been getting lots of enquiries for dog boarding and day care so I’m sure I’ll have lots of friends to play with over the coming months.

Will let you know the next instalment shortly!


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