Dad’s Home!!!

Yipee!!!! Dads home after his week away with Amy, Mum says she’s spoilt rotten getting a week away in the sun for her !8th. Wouldn’t be for me anyway, I prefer been at home playing with my mates that keep staying when their parents go on holiday. Mum says it’s getting crazy with all the bookings and she’s had to … Read More

Where is my Dad? Woof Woof

This has been a really long week and i am confused…. First of all the garden has changed, the pond and ducks have gone and there is so much grass but yet Lisa won’t let me play on the grass and she keeps making me stay in the house while she has fun playing with the water, spraying it everywhere … Read More

Ducks….. Why the tears…..

This has been a fantastic week or at least it has for me!!!!! Lisa finally made the decision that the Ducks and Chickens were going to go to a new home so that i can have a really big garden!!!!! Woof Woof

Puppy’s are poo-ing machines!

It’s been a busy week here again! We been looking 2 dogs for a few days while i think the owners get married. One was a 16 week old puppy and the other a cross breed. The puppy was a bit annoying as he kept licking everyone all the time (even Hugo the cat!!!). Ali loved them both but I … Read More