What do you mean I’m Fat!!!!!

What a week!!!! Apparently i am getting fat or at least thats what I heard Al and Lisa saying…. then Lisa went shopping to buy my food and it has now changed to diet food… then to make it even worse Al has taken over giving me my breakfast and dinner everyday because Lisa is a “feeder” and was giving me too much….. I am so hungry all the time….. then I thought my luck is in I managed to get into the garage  ”’Woof Woof” I can get myself a carrot….. but no they have even moved the carrots so I only managed to get a potato….. i am so unhappy this week

I shouldn’t moan really because Al bought Lisa a new watch which measures how much exercise she is doing which means we have been on loads of really long walks every day….. but all i can think about is food even when I am playing, swimming and walking I’m still soooooooooo hungry……

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