Advice of the week….. Don’t eat Dead Rabbits!!!!!

Hi Guys and Girls (and animals)

Sorry its been a while since my last post but i’ve either been too tired or too busy! Its been mental here at paws and claws, I’ve been on some right adventures!

Al took me up to Bolton Abbey last week. For some reason he didn’t seem to think me rolling in a dead rabbit was a great idea. Oh we did laugh, sorry I meant I did laugh. Al and his mum didn’t see the funny side. After i’d eaten the skeleton i didn’t see the funny side either, I vomited it all up in the back of the car on the way home and matters didn’t improve, it was freezing as Al insisted on the windows been open for some reason?

Al and Lisa have continued to be busy with lots of enquiries and now i know they are applying for dog boarding at the moment as they have been disappointed they haven’t been able to help people that need this but hopefully i’ll have some friends to stay over soon.

They have been doing daycare for a cockapoo they call “little legs” We’ve had some great fun on walks and at home. Al and Lisa keep telling me i’m too fat to be rough with her, I wouldn’t mind but its little legs who keeps trying to wind me up, she keeps pinching my bone and toys when I’m playing with them! I just need to show her who’s boss once in a while.

Anyway thats me done for this week, remember my advice – eating dead rabbits isn’t good for the tummy!!


woof woof




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