Pit falls of dog poo

Well its Flo here again, think I’m started to get the hang of this blogging now and typing is even getting easier!

Its been a pretty funny week here at Paws & Claws. Ali and Lisa are starting to get quite busy with lots of enquiries and bookings. I’m meeting a 16 week old lab pup soon which i’m really looking forward to, a pal to play with will be fun!

Lisa’s been doing lots of cat care this week, she says they’re really cute but said i’m not allowed to play with them, boo hoo, she does spoil the fun some times.

Anyway i guess your wondering about my blog title? Well i’ve had a good laugh at the pair of them this week. Ali took me out the other morning and as i was desperate so i did the business!!! Ive told him not to buy the cheap bags but he still did so when he was on clear up duties he managed to put his fingers right through the bag and seem to be wearing more of it than he’d collected. I found this hilarious but for some reason he wasn’t seeing the funny side. (He’s promised to upgrade to more expensive bags from now on.)

The next day Lisa took me out, and guess what…. the same thing happened to her! She said it was all up her nails so won’t be going for a ┬ámanicure soon, whats the point when all you do is collect poo!!

Lisa also had her first dog walk fall when we were out the other day. I was having fun playing in the stream and she obviously wasn’t concentrating where she was going, went face flat in the mud, in her hair, ears and up her nose, again i laughed my tail off but she said some words i didn’t understand.

Anyway thats this weeks update, Flo signing out, catch up again next week!







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