1st Paws and Claws Blog – Author – Flo the Chocolate Lab

Well it’s been 4 weeks since my owners Ali and Lisa set up their new dog walking and pet services business which has also meant 4 weeks of them arguing about who is going to write the blog. Neither of them are very up to date with technology so I have decided to take matters into my own paws and write the blog myself (Flo the chocolate Labrador!!)

I think they’ve had a good start to the business as that thing that rings all the time that I like eating (I’ve eaten two of them since I came here) keeps ringing and they keep talking about bookings, writing things down and getting a bit excited.  I did hear them say they haven’t been able to help everyone as they are not doing overnight dog boarding (shame I quite fancy staying up all night and keeping everyone up with a pal!)

Ali and Lisa have talked about how much fun they have had looking after other dogs so far but I know they have been frustrated as they are wanting customers on more of a regular basis. I know it will come with time but as they keep telling me, patience is a virtue. Can’t wait though to meet more friends!!!

They keep looking after animals which are a bit boring, ones that sleep a lot and just purr, and some other little things who live in cages that I’m not allowed to play with.. boring !!!

Anyway, I think my 1st blog isn’t too bad and better than they could do. I will keep you posted on how it’s going in my next blog. Woof woof, Flo signing off as typing with paws is tricky!

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